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SafeCentral™ offers many benefits giving you peace of mind when transacting online such as:
  • Patented technology to block key-loggers, screen-scrapers and other malware agents, even if the PC is already infected
  • SecureDNS to ensure a connection to the actual site, eliminating man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Automated "launch anywhere" protection for seamless integration into your existing browsing habits

SafeCentral™ is the secure companion to everyday web browsing, providing end-to-end security against identity theft by locking out desktop malware and establishing trusted web connections.

Identity theft and the resulting fraud generate over $50 Billion in personal and institutional losses each year. Criminals are getting smarter and more sophisticated while banks and merchants are struggling to implement the latest technology to protect their customers.

Consumers are either too frightened to transact online at all, or helpless in their own defense. Existing security solutions do nothing to ensure an end-to-end system for safe transactions.

55% of online users are infected with spyware and more than 35% of people infected with identity theft malware have valid antivirus software running. Every login represents an opportunity for their data and their money to be stolen. Antivirus, firewalls and other security software are important but no longer enough. Studies and recent incidents show that these tools are not effective enough in preventing criminals from taking money from your account. Banks strongly recommend additional layers of protection on your computer to enable safe online banking and that same protection should be sought whenever you’re entering your credit card or personally identifying information such as social security numbers, address, income, and the like. This means whether you’re shopping online, or filling out a mortgage application, your antivirus software simply isn’t enough.

The solution is SafeCentral™, a one-time install, light-weight application. Operating under the assumption that your computer is already infected with malware, SafeCentral™ interprets and intercepts over 5,000 discrete Windows commands (from write to disk, to save in RAM and beyond) and effectively blocks all potentially dangerous activities except those processes needed for the transaction. Unlike other tools, SafeCentral™ goes down deep into the DNA of the Windows operating system and is able to control all processes during a secured transaction.


SafeCentral™ for Home Users uses patented TSX technology to provide superior protection when you share information online:

  • Actively protects desktop PC from malicious agents (such as keyloggers and screen scraping trojans) by intercepting the low-level Windows commands that allow those agents to function
  • Rescues the user from the perils of the local network (Wi-Fi, man-in-the-middle attacks) by establishing an encrypted, certificate guaranteed link with a secure DNS server
  • Routes the user to the bank’s site directly through secure DNS
  • Provides visual cues with a locked down desktop, simplified browser, and cooperation with existing authentication methods (Site Key, certificates, etc.) to thwart phishing and other attacks
  • Prevents application tampering by restricting application execution privileges
  • Operates independently of signatures or databases, ensuring up-to-date protection at all times
  • Integrates seamlessly with traditional desktop security measures (e.g., anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.) and existing authentication schemes with little or no effort
  • Can protect any type of financial online transaction, including banking, online trading, tax filing and the like


Windows XP Hardware
256MB of RAM minimum,
384MB or more recommended.
CPU: P3 class 700MHz or better
Windows 7 / Vista Hardware
1GB of RAM minimum
CPU: P4 class or better

Os Supported


Q: What is the SafeCentral™ SafeBrowser?

A: Providing security on the web is virtually impossible without accounting for the main tool used to communicate with the web - your browser.

You can’t expect to have a private conversation on a phone that’s been tapped, just as you can’t expect to have a private transaction in a browser that may be compromised.

The SafeCentral™ SafeBrowser is an encrypted browser that is integrated into SafeCentral™ to ensure completely private and safe web interactions. Use your favorite web browser for surfing the Internet but when it comes time to transact, simply click one button, enter the SafeCentral™ SafeBrowser, and your transactions will be completely secure. That should give you peace-of-mind knowing your money, credit card and other personally identifiable information are safe from cybercriminals.

Q: What is a key logger program?

A: A key logger is a spyware program specialized to record your keystrokes. It can record anything that you type including passwords, emails, and credit card numbers. Most key loggers are invisible and save recorded keystrokes into a log file that is sent to another computer.

Q: Do I still need my antivirus if I purchase SafeCentral™?

A: Yes, SafeCentral™ does not replace your antivirus, it works differently and

prevents attacks that your antivirus solution cannot detect or remove.

Q: Why do I need SafeCentral™ if I have other security solutions?

A: Conventional security solutions, such as antivirus software, antispyware software, personal firewalls and antiphishing toolbars are becoming less effective for financial fraud and identity theft. Targeted attacks that use new, sophisticated techniques often go undetected by desktop security solutions. These attacks are the most dangerous ones and can cause you serious financial damage.

If you bank, trade, or shop online, SafeCentral™ can significantly reduce your exposure to the growing threat of financial fraud and identity theft because it works differently than the traditional security solutions. Where the conventional methods will try to prevent or remove malware infections on your computer, SafeCentral™ works under the assumption that your computer is already infected and provides a safe environment for browsing and online transactions anyway. It is a proactive solution as opposed to a typical reactive solution.


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